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Toronto hosts first-ever roller derby World Cup

The first-ever roller derby World Cup kicked off in Toronto on Thursday and the home team was well-represented.

In the opening match, Canada trounced France 244-17. That’s not a typo: the team, led by co-captain Brim Stone, racked up two hundred and forty-four points.

“It’s going to get tougher and tougher as the tournament goes on,” Stone said.

“The [World Cup] is huge. To have people see that it’s a real sport, that we’re training, that we have nutritionists…We want people to watch.”

To score points, a jammer – a skater with star on her helmet – has to skate past the pack of eight other skaters once -“cleanly, without being hit.” On the second pass, the jammer earns a point for every skater she passes, Slam Wow of Toronto Roller Derby (ToRD) explained.

“There’s a lot of hard hitting, it’s a fast and slow game, there’s a lot of strategy, and a rowdy crowd,” she added.

ToRD and Blood and Thunder magazine organized the tournament.

Click here for the tournament schedule.