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Eva Longoria launches new animated comedy on City

Desperate Housewives actor Eva Longoria is moving behind the scenes, producing a new animated comedy that will air on City.

Longoria is the star and executive producer of Mother Up!, a half-hour program aimed at adults.

“I’m a big animation fan – I watch everything. This project was rooted in a female,” Longoria told Cityline’s Tracy Moore.

Mother Up! revolves around Rudi Wilson (Longoria), a former high-powered music executive who moves to suburbia to raise her children.

“It was a really fun opportunity for me to exercise a different tool – my voice,” Longoria said, adding it was a much different experience than being on set, surrounded by other actors and props.

“It’s kind of challenging to create an environment in a sound booth when you haven’t seen an image,” she said

Longoria said the show was also a great opportunity to work with other women. Marnie Nir and Katie Torpey created the story, which was then developed by Michael Shipley (he worked on American Dad, My Name is Earl and Family Guy).

Three of the six staff writers are also women. Laurie Elliott, Jenn Engels and Laura Kosterski work alongside Michael Shipley, Greg Lawrence and Mark McKinney.

“There’s a big void for women in animation on television. I thought this project was really exciting to do,” Longoria said.

The show is written, produced and voiced in Canada, and features many Canadian actors alongside Longoria. Jesse Camacho (Less Than Kind), Gabrielle Miller (Corner Gas, Robson Arms), Toronto native Cle Bennett, Helen Taylor, Rebecca Husain and Scott McCord all appear in the show.

Mother Up! will premiere as part of City’s prime time lineup in fall 2013.

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