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Beer Store launches stand-alone recycling facility in Toronto

File photo of returns at The Beer Store. CITYNEWS.

The Beer Store officially launched its stand-alone recycling facility in Toronto’s west end on Friday.

Recycling Plus accepts more items than the average store – including paint, batteries and household electronics – and should cut down on long lines at Beer Store locations.

“When wine and spirit bottles came into the deposit program, there was a significant amount of additional labour that was added into the store,” Beer Store spokesman Jeff Newton told CityNews reporter Melanie Ng last month.

The change, introduced in 2008, meant 300 million more bottles were returned every year, and that meant longer lines for customers.

Recycling Plus will only accept returns – customers cannot purchase alcohol onsite.

Restaurant owners and other businesses are expected to the biggest users of the new facility but it is open to all consumers.

The facility is located at 299 Campbell Ave., near Dupont Street and Lansdowne Avenue, and is just a pilot project for now.

The province, under Stewardship Ontario, and private company Sims Recycling Solutions will study the facility to see if it’s worth adding similar location across Ontario.

What do you think of the idea? Is it worth traveling to Dupont and Lansdowne to avoid the lines at your local Beer Store?