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Police say they've ID'd make & model of SUV involved in Skinner murder

Toronto police say they are “making progress” in their investigation into the 2009 murder of Christopher Skinner and have identified the make and model of the vehicle involved in the callous downtown killing.

Skinner was killed four years ago today when he was beaten by a group of men and then run over at Victoria and Adelaide streets. Investigators believe Skinner got into some type of altercation with the group before he was murdered and may have accidentally brushed the vehicle while trying to hail a cab.

Detective Sergeant Stacy Gallant said at a Friday news conference that police are hot on the trail of his killers and won’t relent until they are brought to justice.

“We are making progress in this case…Yes, it’s been four years…but we are a step closer to (solving this case),” he said.

Gallant said police are scouring databases to try and track down potential owners of the particular SUV involved. Gallant said police wouldn’t be releasing the model information to the public, but a surveillance photo of the vehicle driving along Adelaide before the killing was released.

Gallant stressed that the investigation wasn’t just focusing on the driver, but anyone involved in the preceding beating, or anyone who has aided those responsible over the years.

“We don’t give up on these cases, we keep going forward. We can’t have people thinking…they are going to get away with it,” Gallant said.

Police also stressed that two rewards are still in place for information leading to arrests and convictions in the case. Police have offered $50,000, and the Skinner family have separately offered a $100,000 reward.

For more information visit, www.findchriskiller.com