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No charges after customer complains of sexual activity on TTC streetcar

A packed King streetcar was held up during the peak of the afternoon rush-hour Thursday after reports three people were involved in sexual activity, causing the TTC driver to stop the vehicle and call a supervisor.

The TTC’s Brad Ross offered some friendly advice after hearing about the racy report — “Get a room!”

Ross said a TTC rider complained about a couple engaged in sexual activity, but he couldn’t confirm what happened.

Police told CityNews that no sexual acts were committed, but that three people — two men and a woman — removed articles of clothing on the streetcar.

Ross said a customer informed the driver about the lewd behaviour. The driver put the streetcar out of service and alerted a transit supervisor, who contacted police.

The individuals involved fled before the supervisor arrived.

“Every streetcar in Toronto is named desire,” Ross quipped. “But seriously, the report is one that we can’t confirm. What we heard was that there was a couple on board the 504 King car…it was reported to the operator that this couple was engaged in some sort of sexual activity.”

The streetcar, which was stopped at King Street at University Avenue, resumed service about 15 minutes later.

After some tongue-in-cheek comments, Ross had a serious message for frisky riders.

“If you want to get to know one another a bit better, the streetcar is not the place. It’s a public space,” he said.

“We would ask people to please refrain from doing so on the TTC.”

Not surprisingly, Twitter was abuzz with activity as armchair comedians came out of the woodwork using the hashtag #torontostreetcarsex.