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Cute alert: Giant panda cubs turn 3 months old

Last Updated Jan 13, 2016 at 4:41 pm EDT

The Toronto Zoo released a photo of the giant panda cubs as they turn three months, Jan. 13, 2016. THE TORONTO ZOO

It’s hard to believe, but the adorable giant panda cubs are three months old already!

To celebrate, the Toronto Zoo released a new photo of the dynamic duo.

“They are progressing exceptionally well,” Toronto Zoo spokesperson Jennifer Tracey explained. “As you can see from the photo we released today, they’re both similar in size and they both continue to spend a lot of time with mom as well. Er Shun continues to be a great mom.”

The twins are getting bigger every week and have even started teething.

They remain in the maternity den with their mother Er Shun.

Although they are still not viewable by the public, Tracey said the zoo is hoping to be able to have some kind of sneak peek in March.

Three weeks ago the zoo released a video of one of the cubs bonding with their mom.

There’s still no word on what sex the twins are or when they will be named.

“We have not named them yet but stay tuned,” Tracey said. “We hope to do something that will engage panda lovers around the world.”