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'Owl' you need is love: City workers rescue trapped bird

Last Updated Jan 23, 2016 at 8:11 am EDT

Woodsy the great horned owl. CITY OF TORONTO/Humber Treatment Plant.

‘Woodsy’ the great horned owl is flying free because some quick-thinking city workers gave a hoot.

According to Frank Quarisa, director of wastewater treatment at the city of Toronto, city staff were conducting a routine inspection at the Humber Wastewater Treatment Plant on Jan. 15 when they discovered a great horned owl trapped in a narrow cavity in the outdoor wastewater processing centre.

The owl was clearly exhausted from trying to escape from the narrow space, which was not large enough for him to spread his wings.

Quarisa said workers at the facility managed to rescue the owl and bring it to their maintenance shop, where they promptly called the Toronto Wildlife Centre. They also nicknamed the bird ‘Woodsy.’

Staff at the Wildlife Centre gave Woodsy a warm bath and some food and released him back into the wild.