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Eco-conscious coffee lover wants Tim Hortons to roll up a green rim

Last Updated Feb 12, 2016 at 3:56 pm EDT

File photo of a Tim Hortons coffee cup with the Roll up the Rim contest label.

Tim Hortons “Roll Up The Rim To Win” contest is popular at this time of year with millions of Canadians.
But for a coffee-loving 24-year-old from Alberta, the annual contest is at odds with her eco-conscious views. So Ally Fraser has started a petition on Change.org calling on the coffee chain to give reusable mug customers an equal chance to participate in the contest without using a paper cup.
Fraser, who admits to being an avid Roll Up The Rim player, tells the Toronto Star it bothers her that she is forced to put aside her reusable coffee mug in order to take part in the contest.
“I’m getting a paper cup and that’s horrible and it really bothers me,” she said. “But at the same time I like to gamble, and I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to win a prize.”
Tim Hortons does offer an alternative to play the contest at home by using a receipt, however, there is a separate prize pool for that option so it really doesn’t help reduce the number of people who are buying cups in-store.
Tim Hortons says it will distribute almost 273-million cups for this year’s contest.
Fraser’s petition calls on Tim Hortons to give resuable mug users an equal chance to Roll Up The Rim To Win without using paper cups. An option could be to offer them an environmentally-conscious option, such as scratch & win cards or a sticker peel when they use their resuable mug.
Fraser attempted a similar petition a year ago but it only garnered 100 signatures. As of Friday morning, Fraser was just under 8,000 signatures shy of the 25,000 needed in order to present the petition to Tim Hortons. Even if she doesn’t reach her goal, she’s hopeful the company will take notice and come up with a greener way for people to take part in the contest.