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'Saddest dog in the world' adopted

The so-called saddest dog in the world has been adopted.

Lana made headlines across North America last fall due to her pitifully sad expression. Her plight led to an increased focus on rescue and shelter dogs, and the importance of pet fostering.

“It means so much to me that Lana is now in my life,” her new owner said in an email.

“I am amazed by her sweetness. She loves when I rub her ears or under her chin.  She is extremely happy when we get up in the morning. She greets me as if she hasn’t seen me in ages,” the owner, whose name has not been released, continued.

Lana was initially from Mexico but was rescued into Canada and placed in a foster family. When she was five and a half months old, she was adopted into what should have been a “forever” home. But she was returned to her rescuers when she snapped at the mom.

The shelter says it was just instinctive, left over from her time in Mexico. But the family, who also had children, were scared Lana would turn on them, and returned the dog. Lana was listed for adoption on the Rescue Dogs Match website.

At the time, Lana refused to even go for walks, and was just pressing her face against her kennel wall.. But with patient work from shelter staff, work that her new owner admits is still ongoing, Lana began to change.

“She is very sweet, attentive, obedient and extremely playful,” the new owner said.

“She still has trust issues with people and with dogs but we’re working on it and even once or twice with me (I know when I push it!!). Walking Lana has been fabulous. She sits at every corner and you’re right, when Lana gets home she still has energy to give me her toys for me to throw or play tug of war.”

It’s a labour of love and the new owner says it goes both ways: “I can’t say enough about Lana. I am so thankful and blessed that she is in my life.”