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Alleged Pickering high school stabber posted manifesto on social media

Last Updated Feb 24, 2016 at 6:47 pm EDT

The reasons why a 14-year-old girl apparently went on a stabbing rampage at a Pickering high school won’t be known until the girl is in court, but there may be clues in postings made on social media.

On Tuesday morning the girl, who cannot be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, walked into Dunbarton High School and allegedly stabbed students and staff with two knives she brought with her. Today she was charged with six counts of assault causing bodily harm, seven counts of assault with a weapon, possession of dangerous weapons and assault.

Prior to the attack, the girl apparently posted a number of messages on a social media site her plans to commit a school stabbing, a desire to commit suicide, her struggles with sexuality and about being bullied. The posts have since been removed from the site.

In a post on the day of the attack, the poster says she is going to “commit a high school stabbing today.”

High school stabbing suspect posts

This follows an earlier post that references the infamous Luka Magnotta snuff video, 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick.

Alleged high school stabbing suspect posts

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Another post talks about committing suicide by jumping in front of a train.

High school stabbing suspect posts

But the longest and most troubling post written prior to the event outlines plans “to go on a stabbing spree.”

In the post, the writer says she talked to her mother about getting police involved, and that she wants to die at the hands of the police.

The poster is frustrated and depressed and had tried to commit suicide in the past. “I never wanted this,” she writes. “I just wanted to be normal. But I don’t think I’ll get the chance now.”

High school stabbing suspect posts

A post in early January contains the first mention of the idea of going to school with knives to “just hurt and kill as many people as I can.”

High school stabbing suspect posts

We may never know what drove this girl to allegedly commit these violent acts, but it is clear that she is very troubled and turned to social media to speak out.

The clues were there, but no one noticed in time.