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Brampton passes a motion suspending Uber services

Last Updated Feb 24, 2016 at 6:05 pm EST

Brampton city council has unanimously passed a motion temporarily suspending the activities of ride-sharing companies such as Uber.

Coun. Gurpreet S. Dhillon, who introduced the motion, called it a “victory” for residents of Brampton, which drew the cheers and applause of licensed taxi drivers who packed the council chamber for the three hour debate.

“This decision is a good first step to guarantee the public’s safety and security, while maintaining fairness,” said Dhillon.

The motion calls on hiking the minimum fine from $500 to $5,000 for any ride-sharing service breaking the bylaw and called on the provincial and federal governments to make legislative changes to give municipalities to tools to effectively enforce local bylaws against such services.

The matter will now go before the Taxi Advisory Committee and City staff for implementation and follow-up.

“There will be a thorough, public consultation process with all stakeholders where a fair, regulated and competitive environment will be created,” said Dhillon.

In the meantime, Uber and other ride-sharing services have been asked to suspend operations in Brampton as a sign of good faith until the review is complete.

A spokesman for Uber said they welcome the discussion and don’t see the move as a negative. He adds that everyone should keep in mind that the ride sharing model is unique.