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Halton senior nearly loses $8900 in telephone scam

Halton police are warning seniors about a telephone scam that is making the rounds.

On March 5, an Oakville senior was contacted and told there was fraudulent activity on his credit card in China and the RCMP was investigating.

However, for their “investigation,” the RCMP would need the senior to allow them remote access to his computer, including his online banking.

The person on the phone asked if the man could wire a money transfer to China, so the RCMP could track it.

The caller instructed him to withdraw cash from several different banks and go to different Money Marts and transfer the money to China.

The man transferred over $8,900.

Fortunately the man’s actual bank contacted him to warn him about the fraudulent activity, and he didn’t lose any money.

Police are reminding the public to never send money to anyone they don’t know.