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Toronto driver seeing red after parking ticket fines unresolved

Last Updated Mar 18, 2016 at 5:49 am EDT

Parking tickets can be an expensive pain and fighting them is hardly hassle-free. But before you pay someone to go to bat for you in court be careful who you hire.

A Toronto driver is seeing red after hiring Michael Low of The Parking Ticket Guys to fight five tickets. His promise online was simple: Pay half of the ticket, he’ll fight it for you in court. If he wins, he keeps the money. If he loses, he pays the rest.

Yet it wasn’t until the driver went to renew her license plate sticker this past December she got a sticker shock of her own – not only were the tickets still on her record but the fines had more than doubled.

A quick search of the Parking Guys online uncovered dozens of similar stories.

CityNews caught up with Low at his trailer outside of the Finch courts. He would not go on camera, but he did say he is in the process of paying everyone back – the full amount – over the next two weeks. An amount he admits is likely to be in the thousands of dollars.

Low says his business model became unsustainable after a court ruling last July stopped Justices of the Peace from being able to lower fines in exchange for a guilty plea. The result is tickets became a fixed fine.

Low says as of March 1st, he now accepts $10 per ticket. If he wins, he keeps the cash. If he loses, he refunds the money.

Clarification: The original promise from The Parking Ticket Guys had drivers paying the whole cost of the set fine of the ticket. The company would refund their fee if the fine wasn’t lowered or withdrawn.