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Trending: Couple ditches successful jobs to open pizza boat

Last Updated Mar 22, 2016 at 7:43 am EDT

The pizza pie boat is open seven days a week and only closed for three months for hurricane season. Photo via Oddity Central

Do you ever look out the window from your desk and dream of quitting your job, hopping on a boat and sailing far, far away?

Well, a young couple did just that: They abandoned their successful careers to create a food boat that serves pizza in the middle of the ocean.

Tara and Sasha have been married since 2012 and met each other in the British Virgin Islands. Tara, 32, was working as an elementary school teacher and Sasha, 38, worked as a computer programmer.

Sasha, originally from Manhattan, quit his job in 2005 and moved to Puerto Rico to work on sailboats.

He told Bloomberg Business in an interview that he thought he was living the dream, but quickly got tired of it.

“I was walking farther and farther away from my office on my lunch break, and I walked past a sailing school and thought, I wonder if I could get a job there?”

The two both left their jobs and started working on yachts together. Tara worked as a chef and Sasha captained the yacht. They found an abandoned sailing boat that they worked to restore and transformed it into a commercial-grade pizza kitchen.

“Food trucks had become a part of everyday life – food boats had not,” Tara said to Oddity Central.

“We knew that the concept was strange but we thought it could work, because the food is very recognisable.”

One of the many pizza's cooked on the boat. Photo via Oddity Central
One of the many pizza’s cooked on the boat. Photo via Oddity Central

They named the boat Pizza π, using the Greek symbol for the word pie. In New York pizza is often called pie and the symbol represents Sasha’s love of numbers.

Once they learned the craft of making pie, they opened Pizza π in November 2014 in the Virgin Islands. The boat operates at Christmas Cove in St. Thomas.

People can order pizza through their hand radio on their boat, mobile phones or even email their orders. The pizza can be either picked up or delivered to any spot in Christmas Cove.

The menu changes every three months and the pizzas often include fresh local ingredients that some customers contribute. One customer even offered to trade a seven-pound lobster for a pizza.

The food boat closes for three months during hurricane season.

Together the couple make on average of 25 pizzas a day, and on busy days they can see 30 to 40 boats stopping by.

“Pizza speaks to everybody,” Tara said.