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An answer to the question, 'Is it better to walk or take the subway?'

A map that shows walking times between TTC subway stations. Photo via Facebook/Pavlo Kalyta.

The subway is often late or broken down, which causes a lot of people in the city to be regularly frustrated with the TTC.

So, at times, walking to where you need to go makes sense.

Pavlo Kalyta, an assistant professor at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University, has created a map of the subway system showing the walking distance between each TTC station.

For example, walking from Bloor-Yonge to St. George stations would take an able-bodied person around 13 minutes. Walking between Eglinton to Lawrence stations would be about 25 minutes, while strolling from Kennedy to Warden stations would take 43 minutes.

Kalyta told Metro News that he “created the map to help residents and tourists make healthier life choices.”

Ross told the newspaper that he took his walking times from the TTC ride guides.