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Message in a bottle: Irish man contacts woman after getting dad's note

A bottle containing a letter floats in the water. GETTY IMAGES/Shioguchi

A message in a bottle flung from a vessel off Labrador 12 years ago has been found on the shores of Ireland, five years after the death of its Canadian sender.

The bottle, thrown from the Northern Ranger, was discovered on a beach by a man from Donegal.

He says the letter inside indicated the bottle had been tossed from the vessel in November, 2004 by Lewis Knight of St. John’s, N.L.

Knight’s daughter, Yvonne, says her father never told her why he would throw messages in the ocean, but they would always chuckle when someone would get back to them.

Knight used empty Purity Syrup bottles to send his messages and has received responses from Norway, the Shetland Islands, Scotland, Iceland and Ireland.

She doesn’t know how many are out there or if she’ll receive another, but says they are pieces of what he loved to do that are still living and it excites her to hear from people who have come across one of her dad’s messages.