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What is #OnThisRock?

Last Updated Apr 4, 2017 at 2:17 pm EDT

Students at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts are asking for pebbles and stones from across Canada, for an art installation to honour Canada’s indigenous people.

They’re also asking for a social media post using the hashtag #OnThisRock to go along with the (tangible) rock.

What you can do:

Film a quick video using the following script.

“I’m [name] from [town, province]. And I’m sending these stones because I live on this rock.” Don’t forget to hold your phone horizontally!

Mail your rock or stone to Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts, 36 Greenfield Ave., Willowdale,ON, M2N 3C8

What the students will do:

Students will use the stones and pebbles to cover a six-foot-tall “home,” creating mosaics on the walls.

What CityNews is doing:

We’re following the students as they solicit – and receive – stones and rocks, and will unveil the finished product.