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Amazing Sports Donation To High School

Nike just did it. And the city of Toronto helped get it done.

The company that touts ‘taking action’ in its wildly successful advertising campaigns has joined forces with Toronto to erect a brand new half-million-dollar sporting complex at Mother Teresa school in Malvern.

“This facility was a partnership between Nike and the city of Toronto to really bring this complex to life. We’ve got a soccer pitch. We’ve got a running track. We’ve got a basketball court,” explained Eric Agius, President of Nike Canada.

For Mayor David Miller, Nike and City Hall proved to be a match made in heaven.

“We’ve been trying to build partnerships in this city to go to neighbourhoods most in need, and here in the Malvern community it’s a great community but didn’t have the facilities it needed.”

Not only is the soccer field state of the art, it’s also environmentally friendly.

In fact, it’s made of old running shoes donated during last year’s Run T.O. event.

Nike used the old shoes to make the surfaces for the sports complex, rather than ending up in a landfill.

For youth like Randell Adjei, the new complex mirrors a new pride in the area.

“There was nothing here,” he says. “It was all grass and dirt. Like we just had to run around. It was very muddy everything.”