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Actor Who Played "Exidor" In Mork & Mindy Dies In California

He wasn’t a household name you’d instantly recognize.

But you’d know Robert Donner if you saw his face. And millions did.

The man who helped put the ‘character’ into character actor has died in California.

Donner was one of those actors that people often refer to as ‘that guy’, a face that’s familiar but you just can’t place. But when he took on the role of Exidor on the Robin Williams classic Mork and Mindy in the 1970s, he established a bizarre eccentric who was both unpredictable and hilarious.

Donner appeared in a large number of TV shows, including Bonanza, Columbo and the Six Million Dollar Man. He was mostly recently seen on Dharma & Greg and Matlock.

Millions first came to know him as scheming country bumpkin Yancy Tucker, a friend to Ben in the long running family drama The Waltons.

Donner also made numerous movie appearances in John Wayne westerns like “El Dorado” and “Chisum.” But he made his biggest big screen impression in “Cool Hand Luke”.

Donner succumbed to a heart attack. He was 75 years old.