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New System Allows O.P.P. To Issue E-Tickets

On Wednesday the provincial police and the Ministry of Transportation unveiled a new e-ticketing system. Officers will no longer use the old pen and clipboard to issue tickets and will instead swipe your driver’s licence in their computer.

“This cuts down on fraud and identity theft and then the system actually prints up a complete piece of paper that’s now the whole ticket on an eight-and-a-half-by-11 piece of paper,” O.P.P. Sgt. Cam Woolley explained.

The whole system is designed to save time and money. All of the information officials need to access is now on computer and can be updated in real time. The data is also now printed and not handwritten, making it harder for you to get out of paying a ticket on a technicality.

“It will be a lot clearer and it will basically eliminate errors on tickets, so there shouldn’t be a reduction in fines or convictions, that sort of thing,” said Mike Winegardner of the M.T.O.

The plan is to have 500 of the systems in M.T.O. and O.P.P. vehicles by the end of the year and officials are also hoping to one day be able to e-mail the tickets directly to the courts.

And officers from other forces may soon be using this technology – Toronto Police plan to adopt the system in the coming months.

“We upload our information wirelessly, and it’s one of the challenges that we’re dealing with right now and we just have to overcome some of these issues and then we’ll be on board with this project,” Insp. Len Faul of Toronto Police said.

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