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CHIN Picnic Extends Great Summer Family Tradition

The CHIN picnic has happened every year for the last 40, and with each passing one it becomes further and further entrenched as one of Toronto’s greatest summer traditions.

The weekend-long event is held at the CNE grounds and is a veritable feast for the senses. With food, games, music, arts and competitions, it has something for everyone even in a city as diverse as Toronto.

Plus, it’s been going on for generations, and there’s absolutely no reason to stop now.

“I grew up coming to the CHIN Picnic,” said a mother named Virginia.

“I just want my children to have that same tradition, and I want them to grow up with the CHIN Picnic.”

Of course one of the most popular draws at the three-day event is the Mr. an Ms. CHIN Bikini Contests. With some of the area’s buffest and best-tanned individuals, it’s always a spectacle that draws a great crowd.

The women battled it out in their swimsuits Saturday, and the men’s competition – along with dozens of other fun attractions – is Sunday.

“The women here are beautiful,” marveled on-looker Marco Tassone.

“They’re all being good sports, coming out and showing us a good time.”

The festivities wrap up for another year on Monday afternoon, and as always, admission is free.