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Toronto Family Fears For Safety Of Son Visiting Lebanon

Watching from half the world away as Israeli rockets destroy large parts of Lebanon, the Toronto-based Kais family’s concerns are understandable to say the least.

“I’m devastated, I haven’t slept for four days,” said Nouhad Kais, whose son Nader is trapped in the war-torn region.

“All I can think is my son is all alone in thereĀ … I’m here and there’s nothing I can do.”

Twelve-year-old Nader’s been going to visit family in Lebanon every other year since he was two, but this time he asked his parents if he could go ahead of them by a couple of weeks.

He left on June 7.

“If I had a slight though that something would happen in Lebanon, I would never send my son there,” said Kais.

Currently, Nader’s believed to be with family in small mountain town 45 minutes north of Beirut. His mother’s been frantically trying to get in touch, but in the wake of the recent violence phone lines are congested and impossible to navigate.

“I try to be strong for him, I try not to cry when I talk to him, but he’s crying,” said Kais.

“He said, ‘Mommy, get me out of here.'”

Several calls have been placed to Canada’s foreign affairs ministry about the youth’s situation, but so far, little has been accomplished.

“The reality is, there’s an opportunity to move into action, unfortunately this government is missing in action,” said Liberal MP Dan McTeague.

“They talk about standing up for Canada, it’s about time they show they’re prepared to stand up for Canadians.”

Kais has said she’ll call foreign affairs every day until her son gets home, and spend the rest of her time praying for the best.

“I need their help desperately, to get my son out of there,” she said.