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Local Man's Family Escapes War Zone in Cab

Two Canadians paid $1,000 for a thirty-minute cab drive, and believe it or not, they got the deal of a lifetime  

Sam Chadhi’s mother and sister were desperate to leave Lebanon, but they apparently weren’t getting any help from the Canadian Embassy.  The resourceful duo decided to take matters into their own hands, procuring a cabbie who drove them through a hell storm of bombings to the Syrian border, where they began their grateful trek home.  

“I actually spoke to them about five minutes after a bomb hit behind them and she was just panicking on the phone,” Sam explains.   “My mom was telling me to get off the phone so they can focus on getting to an area of safe haven.”

“She was telling me, it is crazy. There was nobody on the road, only them on the road and the bomb hit so close to them.”

The Canadian evacuation site was too far from their northern town, forcing the Chadhi’s to find an alternative way out.

They eventually got to Damascus and from there flew to Paris where Sam’s sister Rola talked with CityNews.

“The driver didn’t even know what to do and the ground was just shaking and we were just shaking and crying really bad,” she explained.

The Chadhi’s are currently on standby with three different airlines and hope to return home to Toronto on Saturday.