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Two People Wounded In Brampton Shooting

Two people were sent to hospital after a shooting in Brampton Monday morning.

It happened around 8:30am on Chamney Court, near Kennedy Road South and Steeles. When police arrived at the scene they found three people sprawled on the street. Two were wounded, but their conditions aren’t known. The third person was unharmed.

“I was reaching for my cell phone to call police and as I was doing that I heard another pair of shots,” said a witness named Lou.

“About five or six shots altogether.”

Witnesses say two men were seen lying on the ground bleeding, while another stood over one of the wounded. The individual standing didn’t run when police reached the scene, and all three were taken into custody.

“He was still yelling at the guy on the ground…and the police tackled him right away,” Lou added. “It was kind of odd, he had ample time to get away.”

Officers also seized their weapons and believe the incident was between a man and his father, trying to confront another man that had robbed the son earlier.

“There have been weapons that we believe were involved in this incident found at the scene. One is a knife and one is a gun,” P.C. Pete Brandwood explained.

All three men now face a long list of charges.

Investigators have spoken with several residents in the area and they’re asking any one who saw what happened to call Peel Police at (905) 453-3311 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.