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Vigil Held For Fallen Soldiers At The Ex

A vigil was held at the EX to honour the four soldiers who were killed in action Sunday and the troop who was killed in an accidental friendly fire attack Monday.

Visitors and members of the Canadian Forces placed poppies at the foot of a memorial made of five rifles and five military helmets.

“I think it’s important that people recognize the sacrifices that are being made overseas. I think it’s something that we in Canada have taken for granted for some period of time. So certainly it’s an eye-opener to come here and be able to pay our respects,” C.N.E. visitor Chris Plue said.

And despite the recent deaths, there were people who visited the display Monday who were still willing to sign up to don the uniform.

Thirty-three Canadians have been killed in Afghanistan since 2002, including 32 soldiers and one diplomat. The recent deaths were the most Canada has suffered in a 24-hour period since 2002.

Members of the Canadian Forces have been at the C.N.E. for their Support Our Troops campaign. The goal of the effort is to collect 100,000 signatures on yellow ribbon banners to send to the troops overseas and to attract new recruits.

The military display also includes boats and tanks, live demonstrations and performances by a military band.