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Bill Clinton Celebrates Birthday In Toronto

Former U.S. president Bill Clinton celebrated his 60th birthday in Toronto at the Royal York Hotel Saturday night with some celebrity friends including Kevin Spacey, Billy Crystal and David Letterman. Paul Shaffer, Sarah McLachlan, James Taylor and Tim McGraw provided musical entertainment.

The star power at the party was strong, but Clinton did his best to ensure that an important message got across to his hundreds of guests and spoke about the HIV/AIDS pandemic, global warming, and terrorism.

“The ability of private citizens to do public good all over the world is greater than ever before,” he said of the charitable organization in his name.
“When you have that sort of ability it imposes on you an enormous responsibility, so I thank all of you for helping me.”

While the event was toted as a birthday bash, it was really more of a fundraising dinner with some of the tables of 10 reportedly sold for $200,000.

Clinton’s wife Hillary and daughter Chelsea were also at the event and Crystal used his stage time to poke fun at the powerful political couple.

“When they called me and asked me to be part of the 60th birthday celebration of the most charismatic, most powerful, most important person in the free world I said, Hillary is 60?,” he said.

Clinton celebrated his actual birthday on Aug. 19 with friends and family at Martha’s Vineyard. Crystal referred to the Toronto bash as “this stop of the Clinton birthday tour” which includes a fundraiser next month featuring the Rolling Stones.

“It’s my birthday and I’m like everybody else… somebody says something nice about you and I like it,” Clinton said.
“The truth is, (the Clinton Foundation) is what I ought to be doing and I would be derelict in my responsibility as a human being if I were not doing this.”