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Security Around Jolie Increased In India

Security has been increased for Angelina Jolie in India following a spate of recent incidents involving the Oscar-winning actress.

Most recently, a vehicle in the star’s convoy was involved in a collision with a motorcyclist, in which the rider sustained minor injuries.

Members of the film crew for A Mighty Heart, which stars Jolie as the wife of slain journalist Daniel Pearl, were in the vehicle when it and the motorcycle crashed in the western city of Pune on Wednesday.

Mittal Rawat, the 19-year-old motorcyclist, was quoted as saying the car sped away after striking him.

“We have increased the security for Ms. Jolie to see that incidents like this do not happen again,” promised R.S. Khaire, a police officer in Pune. “We are not taking this incident lightly.”

Another officer said a case had been registered against the car’s driver and added that more security would be accompanying the Mr. and Mrs. Smith star on location.

Meanwhile, Kailash Picture Company spokesperson Arti Surendranath said Jolie wasn’t in the car at the time.

“It’s a small incident which has been blown out of proportion,” she said.

The city of Pune has been whipped into a frenzy since Jolie, her husband Brad Pitt, and their children arrived there for filming. Pitt’s production company is backing A Mighty Heart, which stars Jolie as Mariane Pearl.

Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped in the Pakistani city of Karachi while researching a report following the 9/11 attacks. He was killed in 2002.

The film is being shot in India instead of Pakistan because of security concerns.

Last weekend one of the celebrity couple’s bodyguards was caught on camera grabbing a photographer by the throat after he apparently refused to stop taking pictures outside the stars’ hotel.

A couple of days later Jolie and Pitt were forced to cut short a rickshaw ride when paparazzi surrounded the vehicle trying to get a photo.