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Woman Killed By Flying Truck Tire

The feeling of motorists that they’re never quite safe on Ontario’s highways was re-enforced again late Monday night, after a cube van heading westbound on Highway 7and 8 near Kitchener suddenly lost two tires.

One of the heavy wheels bounced over a guardrail and into the eastbound lanes, hitting a compact car being driven by a woman. It then struck an SUV, but caused only minor damage.

But the first victim wasn’t so lucky. The still unnamed woman was killed in the impact.

The other wheel landed harmlessly on the shoulder.

Police have found the driver of the cube van but have yet to decide if charges will be laid. Neither he nor the SUV driver suffered any injuries.

Flying truck tires first became a cause celebre in the G.T.A. in 1995, after 31-year-old Whitby resident Angela Worona was killed when a loose wheel flew off a big rig on the 401 and struck her car.

That same year another motorist of the same age, Jamie Tyrrell, also died when a tire dislodged from another truck and struck the Mississauga motorist’s vehicle

It’s not yet clear what caused this latest mishap, but police have since launched regular truck inspection blitzes searching for – and often finding – scores of potential problems.