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Elderly Couple Struck & Killed At Crosswalk Near Hamilton

Two senior citizens were killed while making their way across a busy road near Hamilton using a crosswalk that local residents say may provide pedestrians with a false sense of security.

The elderly married couple was struck by an eastbound pickup truck on Highway 8 in Stoney Creek at about 8pm Wednesday. Both were 83-years-old and the man was traversing the busy street on a motorized scooter.

The victims’ names haven’t been released.

Steve Simpson lives across the street from the scene of the fatal accident and said he and other nearby residents call the spot the elderly couple was struck at a “ghost crosswalk”.

Simpson says the crossing shouldn’t exist and that the pedestrian aide has been allowed to deteriorate and it now puts people at risk.

“What this used to be was a school crossing … they took away the crossing signs, took away the crossing guard and just let this cross walk deteriorate,” he explained.

There are no flashing lights at this particular section of street, only fading white lines on the pavement.

“It was really sad. They were both lying there lifeless on the ground,” witness Cindy Smith said.

Despite the danger of the crossing and the awful accident, seniors continued to use the crosswalk all day Thursday.

“We will be making recommendations to the city with regards to this location,” Sgt. Glenn Jarvie said Thursday.

Authorities have ruled out speed and alcohol as causes for Wednesday evening’s accident and so far, no charges have been laid against the 19-year-old driver.