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Thunder Bay Women Caught In Ianiero Murder Web Demand Peter MacKay Resign

When you look at Cheryl Everall and Kimberely Kim, a lot of things come to mind.

Vicious cold blooded killers isn’t one of them.

The two Thunder Bay blondes were plucked from obscurity and became famous around the world after they had the misfortune of being in a hotel room next door to where Domenic and Nancy Ianiero were murdered.

And now they’re demanding the feds help them clear their names once and for all – or resign.

The Woodbridge couple had gone to the Barcelo Maya resort in the Mayan Riviera in February 2006 for their daughter’s wedding and were discovered in their hotel room with their throats slit.

The Mexican Attorney-General for the state of Quintana Roo continues to maintain the two women are the best suspects, because an alleged trail of blood led from the crime scene back to their room.

But cell phone video from the scene clearly shows that staff cleaned up the blood, meaning it couldn’t have happened that way.

Both single mothers have repeatedly denied the murder charges and on Wednesday, finally took their frustration to Ottawa.

The woman are accusing the federal government of completely botching any efforts to help clear them or aid the Ianiero family in the hunt for the real killer. 

They’re demanding Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay and his assistant  resign, accusing both of “utter incompetence” and “negligence” in the way they’ve responded to the “endless, wild accusations” made by Mexican investigators.

“Clearly we are being used as political scapegoats to protect Mexico’s $12 billion tourist industry,” Dr. Everall notes bitterly. “We’ve had no support from the federal government.”

And she strongly disputes the Mexican official’s version of what happened.

“There was no blood in our room,” she counters. “There is no evidence to connect us to this crime.”

Bolstering her contention – there is no apparent mention of the alleged blood trail in the Mexican police’s own report.

Everall complains the publicity and the constant shadows of doubt are affecting not only the accused duo, but their families as well.

“Our children are exposed to this, they ask us if Mexico will come to take us away,” she relates.

But MacKay maintains he’s done all he can, adding the case is out of Canada’s hands.

“The reality is that this is a domestic police investigation in another country,” he defends.

“Just as in this country we would not allow Mexico or Russia or any other country to send its national police force here to investigate a crime in this country, neither can we send police to another country to investigate.”

That explanation doesn’t satisfy Liberal critic Dan McTeague.

“It is not enough to hide behind the defence that we are not interfering in another country,” he points out.

“Either they don’t care, are incompetent or out of the loop or they support the findings of the Attorney General of Quintana Roo.”

A parliamentary committee will ask MacKay to testify on the government’s actions in the case on Thursday.

Ianiero attorney Eddie Greenspan has been the most vocal in condemning the efforts of all the authorities involved, branding the Mexican official an “outright liar” who only wants to protect his country’s tourist industry.

He believes a security guard with military training named Blas Delgado Fajardo is responsible for the crime.

The former hotel employee hasn’t been seen since the couple was murdered.