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Are You Ready For "Naked Week?"

They may be the “butt” of more than a few jokes, but for years nudists have been touting the benefits of shedding restrictive threads and spending more time in your birthday suit. 

And now seems to be the perfect time for the curious and confident to give it a try.  It is, after all, Nude Recreation Week.

Gerry Johnston is an avid naturalist, and he has a few suggestions for those who haven’t quite worked up the courage to drop their drawers in front of others. “It feels goods,” Johnston stresses.  “You have to try it. You won’t believe how easy it is until you try it.”

“(You can do it at) the kitchen table, have your breakfast that way.”

“If you have a secluded back yard or balcony and take in some sun.”

And while most of us dread the thought of putting our imperfections on full display, there’s always those who are ready to try something new.  If a day in the nude sounds like a good time to you, you can legally join the fun at one of these  locations.