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Cops Pull Over At Least 40 Outlaw Bikers On Hwy. 401

They were apparently stopped for traffic violations. But the drivers Peel Police pulled over on the westbound 401 near Winston Churchill Blvd. Friday afternoon weren’t your average motorists. Cops hauled over at least 40 members of the Outlaws motorcycle gang, allegedly over their behaviour on the road.

There’s no word on charges, but the sight of so many big men wearing their colours on so many big bikes was enough to bring traffic across the highway to a severe slowdown. Gawkers stopped to check out the spectacle, leading to a back-up that stretched all the way to Dixie Road.

The bikers were among the thousands of hog riders on their way to the Ontario town of Port Dover. It’s become a tradition for motorcyclists of all stripes to head to the city on Friday the 13th, with cops in the burg standing guard for any trouble. It’s part of a ritual that started with a bike shop in the city in 1981.Since then, it’s become something of a pilgrimage that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. 

Some got an early start. John, of the Southern Cruisers – a recreational motorcycle group, not an outlaw gang –  reached Teston Road and Highway 400 at 3:45am. Why is he heading there? “You have to,” he shrugs. “It’s Friday the 13th … There’ll be about 60,000 or 80,000 bikers there today. With nice weather, maybe even more.” He intends to “walk around” and enjoy the sights, along with everyone else.

And with more than 100,000 making the trip on Friday 13th last year, cops are hoping that’s all these unscheduled tourists do.