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We Were Here First Chinese Firm Insists, Demanding Google Change Its Name

Hands up all those who think this will happen. A Chinese firm is suing search engine giant Google. The reason? It wants to force the huge company to change its name. “Beijing Guge Science and Technology” claims Google’s Chinese name – a transliteration of the famous moniker – is something it registered commercially a long time ago, and it insists there’s been a lot of confusion about it in the country.

The company says it’s been flooded with phone calls from people trying to get in touch with the computer conglomerate. Google doesn’t have a phone number, so the Chinese version of 411 is directing people to the only Google in the book. It just happens to be the wrong one. The result: a lawsuit demanding the “newcomer” alter its famous title.

“We just want Google to change their commercial name,” demands company spokesman Tian Yunshan. “We have already passed our demands on to Google … We will see what happens in court.” So just what does that other Google do? Tian won’t say, adding only it wouldn’t be “convenient” to disclose the details.

Perhaps you could find out by looking up the firm on the Internet. Try searching for Google under Google and see how far you get.