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Road Safety A Concern Following Another Serious Highway Accident

Ontario Provincial Police reported a frightening an accident on Highway 400 southbound after a dump truck struck the guardrail late Monday morning.

Three other vehicles were involved but fortunately only minor injuries were reported from guardrail debris.

“We basically had a catastrophic failure causing the driver to lose control,” said OPP Sgt. Cam Woolley.

“The truck went through the guardrails that separate the north and southbound lanes and ended up here in the south ditch. It’s just a miracle it didn’t collide with any of the southbound traffic.”

Cleanup crews contained a small amount of diesel fuel spilled from the truck, but the crash has reenergized calls for stronger and larger guardrails.

The southbound lanes were closed until around 2pm as traffic services officers investigated the crash and checking the truck’s mechanical fitness.