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Flying Tire Narrowly Misses Cabbie On Gardiner

You can only imagine the terror of seeing a huge and heavy object flying at you at a high rate of speed and knowing there’s no way you can get out of the way in time. Darshan Phangura knows what it feels like. The local cabbie was taking a customer to a destination on the eastbound Gardiner near Kipling around 11am Thursday, when a wheel snapped off a truck on the westbound side of the highway and bounced over the guardrail and headed straight into the path of his car.

He tried to stop, but the object was coming too fast, and hit him as he attempted to avoid it. “I thought I was going to die here,” he admits. “It’s going to hurt me very bad … But it hit a little bit low.”

The truck driver wasn’t hurt, but Phangura’s income was. His passenger decided not wait for the mess to be cleaned up, hailed another cab and continued on his way, leaving the driver alone to wait for the tow truck.