Dating Website That Caters To Cheaters Cashes In On Spitzer Scandal

The Eliot Spitzer scandal has put infidelity back in the headlines and a Canadian company is trying to capitalize on the attention. 

Ashley Madison is a multi-million dollar dating website that specializes in helping cheaters find discreet partners. 

The site’s C.E.O., Noel Biderman, recently placed an ad in a New York newspaper, criticizing the state’s governor for turning to high-priced call girls instead of using a service like the one his site provides.

“He shouldn’t go and solicit prostitutes, now he’s broken some laws. He could have gone on a service like ours,” he said.

The full page ad was placed in the New York Post and has already garnered massive media attention both here in Canada, and in the U.S.

“Howard Stern couldn’t help but read it on air, a lot of people thought our approach to sending this open (ad) to the state of New York and to him was innovative,” Biderman adds.

Biderman also has a quick response to those that find his site tasteless and immoral.

“People say to me, you’re creating this, you’re facilitating this.  Long before Ashley Madison existed, infidelity existed.”


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