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Baby Boy Taken Away After Mom Offers Him For Sale On eBay

You can sell anything on eBay right? Wrong. A German mother learned that lesson the hard way after she apparently put her baby up for the highest bidder on the popular auction site over the weekend.

Authorities tracked down the 23-year-old Krumbach mom, after being alerted to the ridiculous offer. She told authorities she meant it as a joke after her young son simply wouldn’t stop crying.

“Baby — collection only,” read the posting. “Offer my nearly new baby for sale because it cries too much. Male, 70 cm long.” The opening bid was 1 euro or about $1.57. The offer was up for two hours but no one put out any offer on the child.

“She says it was a joke,” explains police spokesman Renee Beck. But authorities weren’t laughing. “Detectives are investigating on suspicion of child trafficking.”

Now the unnamed mother is in hot water and without her crying kid. He’s been taken into state custody for his own safety as the investigation continues.

The chagrined mother told a German newspaper the whole thing has been blown out of proportion. “It was only a joke,” she insists. “I just wanted to see if someone would make an offer. They’ve taken my son to hospital and I’ve got to take psychiatric tests next week.”

There’s no word if or when she may get the little boy back.