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Outraged Woman Sells Pic Of Underwear From Cheating Husband's 'Tart' On eBay

You can buy and sell almost anything in the world on eBay – including, it would appear, revenge.

That may account for an odd item that’s turned up on the Internet auction site – a photo of a pair of frilly underwear and a condom wrapper that the vendor claims belongs to the unknown lover of her cheating husband.

The photo appeared on the site this week, after a series of events led the Australian-based seller – known only as “annastella007” – to discover her significant other was having an affair.

She was at work when her husband of 22 years sent her a provocative and romantic text message that made no sense to her. “Where are you darling? I’m waiting,” it read. She quickly realized it came to the wrong number and was meant for someone else.

So she rushed home, only to find her hubby innocently watching a DVD and doing everything in his power to keep her out of their bedroom. She forced her way in and discovered an empty condom wrapper under the pillow and what she terms “The Tart’s knickers … at the foot of the bed.”

“They are so huge I thought they may make someone a nice shawl or, even better, something for Halloween perhaps,” the enraged woman writes. And she also takes pains to point out the condom was “size small.”

There’s a very elaborate and detailed story posted with the item that obviously pours out her pain in every keystroke. It outlines the discovery, the fight they had and what she plans to do next.

But her first order of business is to sell “The Tart’s” underwear. eBay has a strict policy about selling used clothing of that kind, so she decided to put up a picture of the offending garment instead.

“It seems I had violated eBay’s secondhand clothes policy by offering ‘the tart’s’ (her name’s Kylie I have since found out) actual knickers up for auction previously,” her screed reads. “I can only now offer a photo of the said knickers and have adjusted the starting price accordingly.”

Her vitriol fairly drips off the page. Under the heading “Year” she writes: knowing him, under 20.


In the category “Type” she puts this: Weak, IQ of a cabbage.

So what will it cost you for this momentous memento? She’s asking 99 cents – plus $2 towards the mailing costs if you don’t live Down Under.

eBay doesn’t have much to say about the unusual sale beyond a spokesperson noting they hope it makes her feel better. On Thursday morning, a current bid was up to more than $200 U.S., but it’s unlikely to be genuine.

Still, you may not have seen the last of “annastella007.” She’s revealed she also plans to put up more of her philandering mate’s possessions as their marriage hits the skids.

Next up: his prized Harley Davidson motorcycle. Her asking price: 99 cents, with no reserve needed.

Because for this woman scorned, everything must go – especially, it would seem, her cheating ex.

See the page and read her words here.

Photo courtesy: eBay