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Brad Pitt And Keira Knightley Among Big Names Confirmed For T.O. Film Fest

If you were to take the stars from the biggest flicks of the past year and put them all on one screen, you still might not match the list of the celebrities coming to Toronto for the 33rd International Film Festival next month.

The final list of expected attendees came out Tuesday and if you had to pay the salaries of them all, it might even break Bill Gates. The list of names of those scheduled to attend galas here reads like a who’s who of Hollywood and will put real stars in the eyes of star gazers.

One of the biggest names coming your way is undoubtedly new dad Brad Pitt, who’ll be here for the premiere of the Coen Brothers new flick “Burn After Reading.”

But if the other half of Brangelina is the main course, here are just a few other appetizers who have RSVP’d and will be walking the same streets as you:

Adrien Brody,

Alec Baldwin,

Alicia Keys,

Anne Hathaway,

Ben Kingsley,

Benicio Del Toro,

Bill Maher,

Charlize Theron,

Christopher Walken,

Colin Farrell,

Cynthia Nixon,

David Schwimmer,

Ethan Hawke,

Evangeline Lilly,

Geoffrey Rush,

Guy Ritchie,

Jeff Goldblum,

Jennifer Aniston,

Jeremy Irons,

John Malkovich,

Julianne Moore,

Keira Knightley,

Kevin Smith,

Matt Damon,

Matt Dillon,

Mickey Rourke,

Peter O’Toole,

Queen Latifah,

Ralph Fiennes,

Ricky Gervais,

Michael Caine,

Spike Lee,

The Edge,

Tilda Swinton,

Tim Robbins and

Vincent D’Onofrio

And that’s just to name a few. See the complete list here.

Those behind the 33rd edition of the fest are excited by all that star power and the films Toronto fans will be the first to see.

“All of the year-end awards, whether it’s the American Academy, the BAFTAs as in Britain, the awards in France, the Golden Globes, all of those awards begin  … [with] the films that are going to be lining up for those best picture categories and the best acting categories at Toronto,” explains fest co-director Cameron Bailey.

Among the premieres he’s looking forward to the most?

“The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke, which I think is going to be on everybody’s list by the end of this year.”

“The Duchess Of Devonshire, with Keira Knightley, which is a beautiful film and she gives a really mature performance. You’re seeing her really turn into something beyond the kind of pretty face that we’ve seen her do already so well. But she’s actually a very serious actress and she’s turning into a great, great performer.”

The Film Fest kicks off September 4th and runs until the 13th. With so many stars in town, you may wonder if you want to see the films – or just tour the streets around Yorkville.

Find the list of films here.

Photo credit: Valery Hache/AFP/Getty Images