Husband Calls Wife’s Three Day Snowbank Survival A ‘Miracle’

“God reached down, cradled her in his arms until they could find her.”

Dave Molnar’s voice cracks, his words drip with emotion as he attempts to explain his wife Donna’s miraculous survival.

The 55-year-old Ancaster woman was found Monday in a snow bank where she spent three days after disappearing during a snowstorm Friday.

A police dog and tracker found the missing woman under two feet of snow, about 200 metres from her abandoned SUV near Fiddlers Green and Brook Road.

She was rushed to hospital suffering from hypothermia but will survive.

“We were elated, I think it’s fair to say,” Dave Molnar stated Tuesday in what could be the understatement of this holiday season.

“I can tell you that the police have done an absolutely incredible job.”

But even they can’t answer all the questions surrounding the bizarre and astounding case. Why she left her car and how she wound up coming to rest where she did remain somewhat of a mystery.

Molnar originally left home to get groceries. That she somehow became disoriented during the massive snowfall is everybody’s best guess to date.

One thing officers are sure of, however, is that it would have been all but impossible to locate the woman where she lay without the K-9’s help.

Ace and his handler Ray Lau were the first to reach Donna Molnar, finding her talking and alert. They say the snow may have helped her stay insulated, though frostbite and hypothermia likely stopped her from getting up and walking around.

“We had winds up to 80 km/hr throughout the period she was missing,” explains Hamilton Police Staff Sgt. Mark Cox. “Had she been exposed to that it would have drawn the body heat from her much quicker.”

But the details are secondary to the Molnars and their son Matthew, for whom the Christmas miracle equals the best gift they could ever come to hope for.

“She’s a fighter, as we now know,” Dave Molnar surmises. “And the beauty of it is that she will no longer have to do it alone.”

Hamilton Woman Discovered Alive In Snow Three Days After She Went Missing During Storm

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