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Forget Chocolate! Give A DVD For Easter

Baskets of chocolate bunnies, pastel-coloured candy and cream-filled eggs have been an Easter tradition for as long as I remember (even though Easter is not about giving gifts.) When I was a child I was allergic to chocolate so I always got a stuffed animal (usually a bunny.) This stopped when I was about five and I had enough stuffed bunnies to fight a war. My mother then started giving me a special gift each year if I deserved it (meaning I did my chores, got good grades and behaved.) This was usually a video game or a hardcover book. The idea of a gift I could use (instead of eat) stuck with me and the last few years I’ve picked up a DVD or two for my loved ones. So if you’re the type that gives at Easter try one of these recent titles instead of a chocolate bunny that’s just going to get stale in a week.

For The Kids

The Disney release of Pinocchio on Blu-ray is incredible. For a film that’s 70 years old the image and sound are beautiful and crystal clear. Pinocchio is also one of my favourite stories that Disney has ever adapted and it’s still relevant today. The classic animation is not lost on the new generation of kids either — my two-year-old son was engrossed in it all the way through. Another great Disney title worth picking up on Blu-ray is the Oscar-nominated film Bolt (clip below). This is a sweet story about a Hollywood dog who believes his on-screen powers are real. The animation is close to Pixar quality and kids and adults will both enjoy it. Sadly it was completely passed over at the theatre even though it was released in 3-D. The Blu-ray releases for Pinocchio and Bolt both come with a regular DVD of the film and Bolt includes a digital copy as well.

For The Teens

If your teenager isn’t one of the 3 million people who picked up the Twilight DVD on its release day do them a favour and get it for them. It’s a solid vampire film made for them. If you have a more mature teenager, I’d recommend Slumdog Millionaire. Although the material is for adults it’s a smart film that will make them think and possibly get them interested in life outside of their surroundings. If you want the better image and sound grab the Blu-ray releases of both (the Twilight disc also gives you access to a special teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel New Moon).

For The Adults

Marley & Me is an excellent story about how a dog can change your life. Having had a yellow lab for many years myself I can relate to Marley chewing his way through their house. Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson have perfect on-screen chemistry which I’m surprised didn’t carry over to a real relationship. The film does get a little sad so be careful who you give this to. On a funnier note the Totally Awesome Edition of The Wedding Singer hit Blu-ray recently. This is by far Adam Sandler’s funniest movie (he doesn’t seem so annoying in it either) and although the disc doesn’t use Blu-ray to its full potential it does offer a much clearer picture and delivers the 80s soundtrack better than the regular disc.

Don’t like my picks? Email brian.mckechnie@citynews.rogers.com with your DVD-giving ideas.