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Canadian Somali Community Demands Apology From Ottawa After Woman Stranded In Kenya

The Canadian Somali community wants the federal government to apologize after a Canadian woman was stranded in Kenya for nearly three months.

Suaad Hagi Mohamud finally returned home this past weekend after an unexpected 86-day stay in Nairobi – she was there for much longer than planned when authorities said her lips didn’t match her passport photo.

The 31-year-old Somali-born Canadian then turned to the Canadian consulate for help, but officials there reportedly shared doubts about her identity and called her an imposter. They also voided her passport.

Mohamud’s identity was proven through DNA testing, leading to her return to Canada.

Ahmed Hussen of the Canadian Somali Congress has asked for an official review of the Canadian High Commission in Kenya.

Meanwhile, Mohamud was taken to a Toronto hospital for chest X-rays, as it’s believed she may have contracted an illness, possibly pneumonia or tuberculosis, while in a Nairobi jail.