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Not So Smart: Rash Of 'Cow-Tipping' Hits Edmonton’s Economy-Sized Cars

It’s a practice more familiar to those who deal with livestock, not vehicles.

Nevertheless, a rash of cow-tipping has hit the streets of Edmonton. But the target isn’t the friendly bovine – it’s economy-sized cars.

Police in the city are investigating after one Smart car owner found his ride tipped on its side, with the windows smashed and the paint missing in spots.

At first, he was pleased to see witnesses with their cell phones. But they weren’t calling the cops – they were taking pictures of the upended car.

It’s a big problem in Amsterdam too, with Smart cars and other smaller vehicles ending up in the city’s canals.

While some may see it as a harmless prank, that’s not the case in Alberta.

A 40-year-old man has been charged with mischief for the act.

As for the driver, he’s thinking about beefing up his security.