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Lawyer For Woman Who Was Stranded In Kenya Demands Government Return Passport

The lawyer for the Toronto woman detained in Kenya for months is demanding the government return his client’s passport and turn over her immigration file immediately.

Suaad Hagi Mohamud was stranded in Nairobi for almost three months after authorities said her lips did not match her four-year-old passport photo.

Her Canadian lawyer Raoul Boulakia says the government is trying to pretend Mohamud’s case was fraught with complications.

Boulakia says he wants to see the passport to determine whether consular officials were justified in suspecting that Mohamud was an impostor and denying her citizenship.

Mohamud returned to Canada on Saturday after DNA tests confirmed her identity and is now receiving medical treatment for a respiratory illness she contracted while jailed in Nairobi.

Boulakia says while he would like to see Mohamud receive compensation for her 86 day ordeal, a lawsuit will be a last resort.

The Canadian Border Services Agency is currently probing how Mohamud’s case was handled.