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Layton Says He Wants To Make Parliament Work

NDP Leader Jack Layton is delivering soothing words about making Canada’s minority Parliament work as a confidence showdown looms.

The New Democrats hold 36 seats in the 308-seat Commons, more than enough to keep Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s minority Conservative government alive.

At an event in Toronto today, Layton says he thinks everybody involved wants to see the parties co-operate in the House of Commons and help Canadians hard-hit by the recession.

He says that’s going to remain the NDP’s preoccupation and he adds he wants to see real changes to Employment Insurance.

Sources tell The Canadian Press a vote on a ways and means motion has been tentatively scheduled for next Friday, which could trigger an election if the budgetary measure is not passed.

The Liberals have said they will no longer support the Conservatives, and the Bloc Quebecois seems ready to hit the campaign trail – leaving the NDP to decide whether Canadians will go to the polls.