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Ottawa Moves To Appeal 14-Year Sentence For Toronto 18 Member Saad Khalid

The federal government says it plans to appeal the sentence of one of the members of the so-called Toronto 18 terrorist plot.

Saad Khalid pleaded guilty to participating in a terror plot with the intention of causing an explosion and was sentenced in early September to 14 years.

Khalid was given seven years credit for the more than three years he had already spent in custody since June 2006, when he and 17 others were arrested in what authorities alleged was a domestic terror plot.

The 23-year-old told the court that he accepted responsibility for his role in the plot to detonate bombs outside the Toronto Stock Exchange and CSIS headquarters, as well as an unnamed Ontario military base.

The Public Prosecution Service of Canada says it is seeking leave to appeal at the Ontario Court of Appeal, where it filed a notice of appeal Wednesday.

Since Khalid’s guilty plea, two others have pleaded guilty to terrorism offences and are awaiting sentencing.