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Pam Anderson In Toronto To Launch Anti-Seal Hunt Campaign

Pamela Anderson is launching a new ad campaign against the Canadian seal hunt outside the Ontario legislature in Toronto.

The Canadian actress and activist is one of several celebrities who are part of the PETA campaign calling for an end to the annual seal hunt.

Anderson, wearing a summer-like dress despite the rain and chilly weather outside the legislature, says it’s terrible that hundreds of thousands of seals are killed in the hunt.

The former “Baywatch” star says, as a Canadian, it’s a really important cause for her and they’re doing the best they can to make the seal hunt stop.

Anderson was joined at the launch by members of PETA, including a protester dressed as a seal.

PETA says the ads will appear in entertainment magazines and on blogs and will be tweeted in many languages starting this fall, to keep pressure on the government year-round instead of just during the spring when protests are expected.