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Upcoming G20 Meeting May Be Moved Out Of Muskoka To Toronto: Report

Muskoka is well-equipped to deal with massive amounts of cottagers and tourists, but the area doesn’t have the capacity to host and provide security for a large group of international politicians and their entourages.

The upcoming G20 Summit may not be held in cottage country this June, but instead in the Toronto area, according to a published report.

The G8 gathering will still take place in Muskoka.

The original plan was to host the G8 Summit at the Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville, but since then, world leaders decided the G20 would replace the G8 as the main economic council of wealthy nations.

Canada then announced it would host both the G8 and G20 leaders in Muskoka in June 2010.

Organizers wanted to host both meetings at Deerhurst, which is in federal Industry Minister Tony Clement’s riding, but Huntsville Mayor Claude Doughty said the G20 would have to be held outside cottage country if the upscale vacation spot, which is the largest hotel in Muskoka, couldn’t accommodate the world leaders.

Clement’s office insists no decision has been made about relocating the G20 Summit. The government is reportedly still trying to figure out the logistics of how the area can host such a large international event.

The Prime Minister is expected to announce exactly where the G20 leaders will meet by early December.

There’s talk, though, that the meeting will likely be held in the Toronto area. Cottage country is a good venue for the G8 Summit. Those meetings are often held in more remote areas.