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Alleged Washington Gunman Shot & Killed

The man who allegedly shot and killed four police officers in Seattle, Washington has been killed.

Authorities shot Maurice Clemmons to death Tuesday morning in a south Seattle neighbourhood following a two-day search for the suspect.

Authorities in Pierce County supplied a list of possible hiding spots, sheriff spokesman Ed Troyer explained.

However, he did not say where Clemmons was shot.

On Monday members of the SWAT team surrounded a Seattle home for hours, under the belief Clemmons was holed up inside, suffering from a gunshot wound. When officers burst in he wasn’t there.

Police suspect Clemmons, who had a lengthy rap sheet, ambushed the four cops at a coffee shop about 55 kilometres south of Seattle. The officers were in full uniform, completing some paperwork, when the gunman burst in and opened fire on Sunday.

Employees and other customers in the coffee shop at the time weren’t hurt.

Investigators do not yet have a motive for the shooting. Clemmons’ behaviour in the past few months had been described as “erratic.” 

With files from The Canadian Press.