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Province To Drop Fall Report Cards

Your child may not bring home a fall report card next year. The province is reportedly set to take the advice of teachers’ unions and do away with the autumn evaluation for elementary students.

The government plans to replace the fall report card with an informal progress report. For years, Ontario’s teachers’ unions have said rigidly marking children so early in the year isn’t helpful and teachers don’t have enough time with students to accurately grade their performance by the time the fall reports are due.

The first report also places an unnecessary burden on teachers, the unions claim.

If Ontario does axe the fall reports, it would be the first province in the country to do so.

Annie Kidder of People for Education said it’s important that teachers ensure parents are kept abreast of their kids’ progress if the first report card of the year is dropped.

Changes to the way students are evaluated are expected to be unveiled by the province next month.